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Georgia Masonic Home

Masonic Home

The Heart of Georgia Masonry

In the first decade of the twentieth century, Senator Augustus O. Bacon donated 100 acres on the east side of the Ocmulgee River near Macon for the purpose of building a Masonic Home. The original building was constructed using timber harvested onsite. The cornerstone was dedicated October 27, 1903, and the first 14 guests moved in June 14, 1905. 

The Home now consists of approximately 750 acres and includes a number of buildings including a recreation (gym) building, a chapel, and a swimming pool. Since 1905 our Home has provided a safe and healthy place for over 2100 children. Every May many Home alumni return for a homecoming to the place that they remember as where they learned responsibility and how to live in a society without lying or stealing and the place and people that helped put them on the paths to better lives.

Presently our Home has 31 children ranging from third graders to three in college. Each child must go through an application process that includes school records, social history, juvenile court records, physical and psychological evaluations. Each child must have a Lodge sponsor. Once accepted a child will attend local, private schools. If needed a child will receive homeschooling to meet the school’s academic requirements. Certified tutors in the Masonic Learning Center at the Home ensure all children are well prepared scholastically. Our Home has a retention rate of 88% during the first year of residency which is remarkable success rate considering the numerous problems they bring with them.

A child is permitted two off-campus weekends per month except for their first month on campus. On-campus visits are permitted each Sunday from 1:00 – 6:00. Children who are on campus on Sunday must attend a church service of their choice with a house parent. Social life is governed by their maturity and privileged level. Younger children may attend parties, church activities and in friends’ homes with adult supervision. Those 15 and older may date within curfew limits. The children go camping at the Shellman Bluff Masonic Camp for up to six weeks in the summer. Individual Lodges sponsor trips to Six Flags, the beach, Braves games, etc. during the year. 

John J. Snipes (Tyrian Lodge #111; Middle Georgia Daylight Lodge #756) has served as Home Superintendent for 27 years. He leads a staff of 27, some whom live on-campus, in operating a safe and healthy home where our children can grow into adulthood in a positive environment. The funding for our Masonic Home comes from the per capita tax portion of each Georgia Mason’s annual dues, endowment fund income, and contributions.



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  • Walker Children 1929
    Walker Children 1929
  • Walker Children 1931
    Walker Children 1931

    Margret, Barnes, and Mildred Walker were admitted to the Home in 1929 when their mother was sent to a mental hospital and their father was unable to care for them. They were a lot happier in the picture taken in 1931.